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Blitzvortrag (Lightning Talk) beim 34c3 🚀


self­-hosted microblogging

“I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it”
(Tim Berners Lee, 2017)

This Talk is about

  • microblogging, the use-­case
  • self­-hosted applications, a personal view
  • my tuwat: ShaarliGo

If interested, email
I may do a session on day 3. Check the wiki.

Microblogging, (my) narrow Use­-Case

Why I find Self­-Hosting tempting

  • free choice of (libre) software
  • towards data­-sovereignty
  • service/feature sovereignty
  • no legalese, no rights assignation
  • DIY similar cooking, gardening, making

but can be scary, too

  • esoteric jargon – what do I need at all?
  • installation, dependencies, platforms
  • security
  • operational rat's tail
  • server choice and cost

What to do about it

  • simple & fail­safe functionality
  • proven & widely deployed technologies & standards
  • small & mature code base, few moving parts & dependencies
  • easy to inspect plain (text) data storage
  • careful housekeeping UX, single-­user


  • 1­-file, 1­-step install/update/repair
  • visitors see just static files!
  • old­-school CGI for editing
  • Go (golang) cross­-platform, statically linked
  • Atom feeds (rendered to Html client-side), Yaml config

Go and Share!

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